On Wednesday, August 20th, at 19:00, our team will start the preparations for the new season in Leon Štukelj hall. The first 30 minutes, hall will be open to media representatives (19:00-19:30).

Players who will be present are: Malcolm Armstead, Tomaž Bolčina, Chris Booker, Jasmin Hukić, Nebojša Joksimović, Erjon Kastrati, Mirko Mulalić, Matej Rojc, Alexis Wangmene and Luka Lapornik, who is still recovering from wrist surgery. Younger players, Martin Krampelj, Imran Polutak, Jure Ritlop and Žiga Zatežič will also join the team at this time.

Preparations will be led by assistant coaches Aleksander Sekulić and Leon Stipaničev and also by our fitness coach Tomaž Brinec. Our head coach Aleksandar Džikić, who is currently occupied with coaching the Macedonian national team, trying to qualify for the Eurobasket 2015, will join the team immediately after the qualifications